The Foodies Guide to Kashmir

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Update: OCTOBER 2017

This regularly updated guide is based totally on my own taste buds.
Some establishments focussing more on PR rather than the quality of their food may be missing.


Most restaurants should be open on all days with a bit of caution on Fridays. Best of luck.

Currently recommended:

Ahdoos on the Residency Road.

Lhasa on the Boulevard for free home delivery.
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New Entries:

This year there has been an exponential increase in restaurants especially the arty-cafe types. New entrants include Kathi Junction at the Sara City Mall, and Books & Bricks opposite Amar Singh College.
Winterfell Cafe, a GoT-themed cafe, has recently opened for business on the Boulevard.

Lunch & Dinner

The buffet dinner at the Lalit (the erstwhile palace of the Maharaja of Kashmir) just off the Boulevard is the best high-end option.

The view at the Taj Vivanta is to die for. Unfortunately their excellent Chinese restaurant – the Jade Garden – only serves dinner.

Ahdoos at Residency Road is recommended (especially off season when freshness of food may be an issue at other places).

Stream and Shamyana on the Boulevard are popular but struggle to maintain a consistently high standard.

Linz Cafe on the Residency Road has wholesome kashmiri/indian food and loads of ambience.

The slightly posey menu at The 14th Avenue overlooking the Jehlum near the SPS Museum at Rajbagh is offset by the location and friendly service. Plus they have free wifi if you ask nicely. The new 14th Avenue Cafe at Parraypora is recommended.

You can't get friendlier service than Kathi Junction at the Sara City Mall. Plus there is always something going on – book launches, live music shows and the like.

The original Karim's has opened a franchise at the erstwhile Mehfil restaurant at Polo View.

The quality of the food & the service at 7c's Fine n Dine at the Sangarmaal Complex has vastly improved of late. Seating availability can be something of a lottery and the name remains unredeemably clunky.


The Jade Dragon at the Taj Vivanta is the best place for Chinese food.
Tip: Evenings only.

Lhasa on the Boulevard is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Kashmir.

Alka Salka near the General Post Office and Knife and Fork at Regal Chowk are conveniently located.

Grilled Tikka

Tikka stalls (mutton, chicken & fish) at Makai Point on the Boulevard are very popular nowadays.

Imran Cafeteria in Khanyar serves good grilled mutton tikka. The skewers are served on a lavassa with a platter of six or seven dips/chutneys.

Grilled Chicken

The original Mummy Please near Amira Kadal have the best grilled chicken. They also serve grilled mutton tikkas with chutney platter a la Khanyar.
Tip: Best as take-away.


Old-timers and regular visitors to the valley swear by Ahdoos at Residency Road. Tea and kababs at Ahdoos are a time-honored tradition. The chicken patty and chutney are simply magnifico.
Tip: Ahdoos refers to the restaurant, not the bakery shop.

Creme, the bakery shop at Ahdoo’s is worth a try in its new avatar.


Cafe Coffee Day adjacent to Burn Hall School and Coffea Arabica at the Broadway Hotel are good places for coffee in Kashmir. Cafe Coffee Day has opened new outlets at Kashmir University and Nishat.

The food at Coffea Arabica is excellent though pricey. The ambience is a huge plus.

Fast Food Chains

KFC and McDonald's have not yet set up shop in Kashmir, so either Bangs or ChicKing will have to do. I prefer the food at the former.

Modern Sweets at Karan Nagar has the freshest burgers in Srinagar probably because their buns are oven-fresh.
Best as takeaway. However the service is excruciatingly slow.

Amigo's opposite Amar Singh College, earlier recommended for oven- fresh pizza and pasta, has upscaled itself to a family-style restaurant.

Smokin' Joes and Bangs have the only pizza home delivery services in Kashmir.

Cakes and Pastries

Good western-style bakery items are made by Jee Enn Sons on the Maulana Azad Road.

Sultan Bakers at Dalgate bake an excellent cheesecake.

Creme at Ahdoos, La Delice, a French-style bakery on the Boulevard and the Just Baked bakery at Rawalpora are new entries on the list.


Catherine Wheels served with thick maple syrup in an old-world setting at Hotel Highlands Park are alone worth the journey to Gulmarg. Nothing else comes close.
The fact that Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Asia helps.

Vegetarian Food

If you insist on pure vegetarian food, Krishna Dhaba opposite Cafe Coffee Day at Durganag is the best option. It is probably the only place in Kashmir where three people can have a full meal for a couple of hundred bucks.
Recommended even for non-vegetarians.

The veg-only Mahatta’s Cafe on the Bund near the G.P.O oozes old world charm. Plus they have pretty good ice cream.

Nathu's on the Boulevard is an Indian-style eatery that serves passable varieties of a wide range of foods – thali, dosa, sweets , bakery etc.

Nathu's Rasoi near the Main Bus Stand in Pahalgam serves the best South Indian food in Kashmir.
Highly recommended.

Cafe Log Inn in Pahalgam scores high on food and ambience but the staff is surprisingly rude.

Quick Bites

Grillz near Nagin Club and Mealz at Karan Nagar are good shwarma joints. They also offer local home delivery.

Gulf Royal on the Bypass Crossing at Rawalpora is also recommended.

Try fresh cheese pakoras at the food court outside Nishat Garden.

The afore-mentioned Cafe Coffee Day at Durganag has a summer chaat joint – Go Chaatz.
Try their 'Rocket kulfi'.

Maharaja Sweets opposite Amar Singh Club in Sonwar and Shakti Sweets are popular Indian-style sweet shops in Srinagar.

Ice Cream

Little Hut off the Zero Bridge is still my favourite place for ice cream.

Other ice cream joints are a middling Baskin Robbins stall at the Sangarmaal Complex, and the aforementioned Hat Trick and Amigo's .

You still cant get a decent hot chocolate fudge anywhere in Kashmir. Maybe at Mahatta’s Cafe.

Honorable Mentions

The houseboat-styled Food Court may be worth a visit for the ambience at the restored Zero Bridge.

Cafe Peerzoo on the banks of the Jehlum behind the General Post Office used to be a kind of finishing school for trainees at the Institute of Hotel Management. The food was prepared and served by the students and the quality varied from sublime to passable. These days it is just another government-run facility and the food roulette is history.

Worth a visit for the location.

If you are not lucky enough to experience the genuine article at dinner with a local family, any decent restaurant will offer a variety of passable Kashmiri dishes.

Ahdoos is a safe bet for restaurant-style Kashmiri food.

Kashmiri Specialities


The only authentic Wazwaan is served on a Trami at a Kashmiri wedding. Restaurant versions are rip-offs.


Available only in winter. The best hareesa is homemade. The takia opposite the mosque at Aali Kadal serves the best commercially produced hareesa in town.

The best way to experience hareesa is to have it fresh from the cooking pit very early on a freezing winter morning.

Mutton Kanti

Kanti is the Kashmiri version of the tikka, served as a dish (with fried onion rings) rather than on a skewer. Available at any decent restaurant.


The best qahwa (Kashmiri Green Tea) is homemade with saffron and chopped almonds. Most restaurant versions are rip-offs.
Try Ahdoos at Residency Road.

Noon Chai

Noon Chai is available at any local tea stall.

Local Bread

The traditional bakery of Kashmir has evolved under a strong Central Asian influence and thus, for a society whose staple food is rice, an amazing range of traditional breads are baked in wood-fired tandoors.

Every locality has its own ‘Kaandur’ or professional baker who bakes different varieties at different times of the day using recipes evolved over centuries.
Tip: The tastiest varieties are available in downtown Srinagar.

Bread for Breakfast

Tsot (girda) is a medium-sized round bread.

Lavassa is a large unleavened flat bread.

Bread for Tea

Tsochvor is a small round bread with a soft upper half sprinkled with til or Khaskhash and a crisp lower crust.

Tip : Split the bread and feed the filling (goj) to a bulbul (the local nightingale). Butter the upper and lower halves and experience two varieties of bread for the price of one.

Baqerkhani/katlam is a bread cooked in layers.

Kulcha is a small hard dry, crumbly bread.

Tip : Dunk your Baqerkhani or kulcha in Noon-chai and use a spoon to scoop out the creamy mixture.

Speciality Breads

Sheermal is a dry, crumbly bread with a long shelf life. The best kind of sheermal is available in Pampore.

Khand Kulcha is a sweet variety of kulcha. Try khand kulcha from Behram Sahib in Anantnag.

Gyov Tsot is a slightly larger Tsot cooked with ghee.

Tilvor is another king of bread cooked with ghee.

Roat is a kind of super-size bread gifted with Nabat Not, a bowl made of sugar crystals on traditional occasions.

Street Food


Surprisingly for a destination replete with lakes and streams, fish joints are few and far between. Gaad (fried fish) is available most evenings at a mobile stall just outside the parking lot of the Aquarium on the Boulevard .

The proprietor will not open his shop if he feels his merchandise is not fresh enough.
At later hours tipplers frequent the stall.

Nadur monj

Lotus stems fried pakoda-style with fiery onion chutney are the Kashmir equivalent of french fries. They are common at roadside stalls along with fried potato slices and mattar.

Best at Kadi Kadal near Jamia Masjid .

You can buy a bundle of Nadur from a local grocer, split the stems lengthwise and fry without batter till golden brown and crispy.


Roasted chestnuts/water chestnuts (singhara) are seasonally available at roadside stalls.


Kashmiri Black Dal with proprietary mixtures of salt and spices served in cones made of lavassa bread. Commonly available at roadside stalls.


Frozen ice & milk sticks. Am Buda's kulfi at Bohri Kadal was a regular feature of college summers. These days locals recommend the kulfi made by Gulfishan Bakery at Lal Bazaar.


Lotus seeds with a watery fresh almond-like texture. Only available seasonally in and around the Dal Lake.


Roasted corn-on-the-cob (makki, bhutta, challi) at Makai Point on the Boulevard, or at Baramulla crossing on the Gulmarg highway.

Best rubbed over with lemon & salt.

Excellent aloo & plain paranthas are available at a corner tea-stall opposite the motorcycle workshop at Sonwar.

Tip : The adjacent fishmonger has passable fried fish in the evenings.


Senoo Kashmir Pickles at Habba Kadal sell an amazing variety of pickles including chicken, mutton, vegetable, fish, mango, cherry, karela, amla, apple, plum and garlic. Not as savoury as my grandmother's pickles, but quite popular.

Pass the pickled apricot, please!

Traditional Sweets

Kashmiris are traditionally just not into sweets.


Phirni is a sweet dessert like kheer, but based on suji (semolina) rather than rice. The best phirni, topped off with saffron threads and chopped almonds, is homemade. Most restaurant versions are rip-offs.


Sticky sweet yellow halwa is available outside Kashmiri shrines. Try it near the shrine of Dastgir Sahib at Sarai Bala .

Best when rolled up in a slice of the giant parantha available at the same shop.

Basrak and Khand Gaazar (literally sweet carrot) are traditional sweets available at roadside stalls.


It is impossible to buy a good paan in Kashmir for love or money. If you insist, Mir Paan House at Regal Chowk is a good bet. Or try the paan shop in the lane leading from Amira Kadal to Koker Bazar.

Highway Delights

The drive down to Srinagar from the nearest rail head at Jammu offers unforgettable mountain scenery plus the chance to experience some unique local flavours.

Paneer pakodas at Nandini are good for an early travel snack.

Pick up kaladi (dried milk cheese) from roadside sellers around Udhampur and relish it golden-fried at your destination.

Travellers with a sweet tooth should stock up for their entire Kashmir trip at Kud. The melt-in-your-mouth patisa from Prem Sweets is highly recommended.

Look for the original Prem Sweets as a number of copycats have sprung up in the vicinity.

A famous variety of Kalakand is available at Chanderkot .

There can be no better travel lunch than tadka-maarke Rajma-chawal with anardana chutney at Peera .

Look for the shacks on the right-hand edge of the road with the Baghliar dam forming the backdrop.

Precariously perched shacks on the cliff edge overlooking the Chenab between Ramban and Banihal serve excellent meetha parathas.

Nomadic Flavours

Excellent buffalo-milk Kaladis , makki-di-roti, and unsalted butter can be obtained from nomadic Gujjars in the hills of Kashmir.

Bonus Recipe

One of the most memorable meals you can have in Kashmir is a trout you have hooked, gutted and cooked on-the-go.

This page has a trout recipe fit for a king (quite literally, since the author is the son of the last Maharaja of of Indore.)

Nothing finer, anywhere, indeed ….

Note to travellers: Well-stocked departmental stores like Pick n Choose and Sunfresh in Srinagar carry all kinds of baby essentials and specialty foods so you don't have to carry them along.

Credits: Saleem Bakshi for selecting the best food on offer along the national highway and Sparsh Bansal for providing inputs from the tourist point of view.