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JustJu is a bit of a double entendre. In Urdu, my mother tongue, ‘Justju’ means a quest. In English the title is a play on the fact that the people closest to me call me Ju, so ‘just’ Ju refers to my personal thoughts and feelings in a form that is easy to share with my readers.

In some of these posts I have inflicted my own translations upon an unsuspecting world 😉 I have tried to convey the meaning of the poetry inasmuch as I have been able to understand it – sans the usual ploys like clever turns of phrase, embellishments or forced rhyming. If you find my efforts interesting, I am suitably chuffed. If not, the web is littered with more sophisticated translations/transformations. Take your pick.

Hope you are interested and/or amused enough to visit regularly.

Enjoy !

P.S : JustJu marks my return to blogging after a significant hiatus. Being an ‘early adopter’ of technology, I had jumped onto the blogging bandwagon a while ago, but found it very difficult to sustain a regular blog. Plus I was not really comfortable with the fact that the blog was hosted by a third party. Now that blogging has become an established journalistic tool and services have matured, I have had a relapse.

This blog now incorporates posts from my earlier blogs – WildKashmir and KeY .

After years as a lonely voice in the wilderness, I am glad that many fellow Kashmiris are now environmentally aware and the new breed of journalists in the valley are actively covering wildlife and environmental issues, making these blogs somewhat redundant.

My personal efforts continue in a more focussed manner here and on my other sites at The Kashmir Network.

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