It May or May Not Last

This time around I have decided to give Urdu some time to heal and inflict my first translation upon Kashmiri poetry.

Roziya na roziya (it may or may not last) is a mystical poem by Moti Lal Saqi (1936-1999).

With the usual disclaimer that my knowledge of (poetic) Kashmiri is quite limited, here goes.

This evening of sorrow is a solace
which may or may not last
these curls in the beloved’s tresses
may or may not last

why this agitation
o devout one?
our breath till morning
may or may not last

my only boast-worthy possession
is your desire/well-being
the beloved’s gaze is a blessing
which may or may not last

i am an infidel
guilty of idol worship
this vision of the beloved
may or may not last

you are the sustainer of the universe
this world is yours to command
do i deny your bondage?
deliverance (from sorrow) is all i desire

your own heart is your guide to each destination
it need not be beseeched or bribed
a shrine within your own self
whoever entreats, the adept reap the blessings

When the late Anjum Sadiq encountered Moti Lal Saqi during the 1980’s he asserted that he had dedicated the poem to her grandfather – Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed. The poem has been referenced in an earlier post.

The poem was originally sung by Mohammed Khalil and party for Radio Kashmir.
The traditional version can be viewed here.
This is a more rocking Chakri version.