Serendipity and the Internet

One of the greatest joys of the internet is online serendipity, when you make a fortunate discovery while looking for something entirely different. During a search for a totally unrelated item, I stumbled upon this little gem in the comments section of a website that had a strange mix of politics, DIY guides, lonely hearts clubs, game cheats, vernacular abuses and other eclectic stuff. It is a poem called ‘Burdbaari’.

Even though I take pride in my googling ability, I must confess that I have been unable to locate the webpage again to confirm the name of the poet. Probably Google cannot do a keyword search because I changed the spellings of the urdu words into more conventional ones.



mitti mein ugay huve khaamosh magar khushnuma phoolon se ek kamal ne kaha,

satah-e-aab pe mera yeh dilfareb zahoor,

mere paikar ki yeh dilfareb raanaee,

is thehrey hue paani ki khilqat hai

aur yeh thehra hua paani hi,

mere husn kaa sana-khuwan bhi hai

mujhay mitti ki tamanna hai, na barsat ki justuju

mitti mein ugay huve khaamosh, magar khushnuma phool

us haseen kamal ke is izhaar-e-ehsaas-e-bezameeni par

chupke se muskura diye

aur badastoor khaamosh rahey