Post-Flood Plant Guide [Repost]

The floods of 2014 completely devastated my garden. A year later I uploaded the status of my garden hoping that the knowledge about flood-hardy and vulnerable plants could be useful to someone. The topic came up a couple of days ago and I was pleasantly surprised when a couple of folks mentioned that they had found the info quite handy while rebuilding their own gardens.

On the off chance that it may still be useful here is the complete list:

acer/maple crushed in wall collapse
agapanthus/ survived and bloomed
ageratum/ perished
almond tree/ perished
alstroemaria/ perished
alyssum/ perished
amaranth/ all varieties perished
amaryllis/ survived but did not bloom
anemone/ perished
apple tree/all varieties survived
apricot tree/ perished
aralia/tree ivy/ perished
asiatic lily/ survived
azalea/ all varieties perished
begonia/ all varieties perished
belladonna lily/ survived
black-eyed susan/ crushed in wall collapse
bleeding heart(potted)/ perished
blue pine/ survived
bluebells/ perished
bottlebrush tree/ perished
box shrub/ perished
buddleia/ perished
cactii/ all varieties perished
calla lilies/ survived & bloomed
camellia/ perished
canna lilies/ survived & bloomed
carnation/ perished
celosia/ survived
cherry laurel shrub/ survived
cherry tree/ perished
chinar/ survived
chinese climber/ crushed in wall collapse
christmas cactus/ perished
christmas rose/ perished
clematis blue/ survived
clematis pink/ survived
clematis white/ survived
coleus/ perished
columbine (bedded)/ rebloomed from seed
columbine (potted)/ perished
cone flower/ perished
coreopsis/ perished
crocosmia/ survived
crocus/ crushed in wall collapse
crown-imperial/ perished
crytomeria tree/ survived
cupress/ perished
cyclamen/ perished
cypress/ perished
daffodils/ survived and bloomed
dahlias/ all varieties perished
day lily/ survived
deodar/ perished
deutzia/ perished
dianthus/ perished
ferns/ all varieties perished
fig/ survived
fir/ perished
football lily/ survived but did not bloom
forysthia/ crushed in wall collapse
freesia/ perished
fuchsia/ all varieties perished
gallardia/ perished
gazania/ perished
geranium/ all varieties perished
gerbera (bedded)/ perished
gerbera (potted)/ perished
gingko tree/ crushed in wall collapse
gladioli/ some varieties survived
gold dust shrub/ perished
grape hyacinth/ perished
grapevive/ survived
hazel/ crushed in wall collapse
hibiscus exotic/hybrid/ perished
himalayan cherry/ survived
hippeastrum/ survived but did not bloom
holly/ crushed in wall collapse
hollyhock/ perished
honesty/ survived
honeysuckle hybrid/exotic/ perished
honeysuckle native/ survived
hosta lily/ survived & bloomed
hyacinth exotic/hybrid/ perished
hyacinth native/ perished
hydrangea lace-cap/ survived
hydrangea/ perished
ice plant/ perished
icicle plant/ perished
iris/all varieties perished
ivy exotic/hybrid/ perished
ivy native/ survived
jade tree/ perished
jasmine/ crushed in wall collapse
judas tree/ perished
juniper creeping/ survived
juniper erect/ perished
justicia/ perished
kiwi fruit/ perished
laburnum tree/ perished
lagerstroemia/ crepe myrtle/ survived
lavender/ perished
lawrence tree/ perished
lilac/ crushed in wall collapse
lilac/ perished
lily-of-the-valley/ survived
lisianthus/ perished
lupin/ perished
lycoris/ survived
mahonia shrub/ survived
morning glory exotic/hybrid/ perished
morning glory native/ survived
mulberry tree/ survived
nandina bush/ perished
narcissus/ survived but did not bloom
nectarine tree/ perished
oak tree/ survived
oleander/ perished
oriental lily/ survived
ornamental cabbage/ perished
ornamental grass/ some varieties survived
ornamental m. grandiflora/ perished
ornamental m. lilyflora/ perished
ornamental m. stellata/ perished
ornamental peach/survived but did not bloom
ornamental pear/ perished
ornamental plum/ survived & bloomed
ornithogalum/ perished
osmanthus tree/ perished
osteospermum/ perished
palm trees/all varieties perished
passion flower/ perished
peach/ perished
pear/ survived
pentsemon/ perished
peony shrub/ survived
peony tree (stick peony)/ perished
peppermint/ survived
perennial daisy/ perished
periwinkle/ survived
phlox/ perished
plum/ perished
plum/ perished
pomegranate tree/ crushed in wall collapse
poppy/ perished
primrose/ perished
purple hosta/ survived & bloomed
quince rose/ survived & bloomed
ranunculus/ perished
roses/all varieties survived & bloomed
rudbeckia/ perished
saffron/ crushed in wall collapse
santolina/ perished
scented geranium/ perished
sedum/ perished
silver dust/ perished
snapdragon /rebloomed from seed
snowdrops/ survived
sparaxis/ perished
spearmint/ survived
spider lily/ survived & bloomed
spireaea shrub/ survived
spruce/ all varieties perished
strawberry/ survived
succulents/ all varieties perished
sweet pea/ survived
thornless rose climber/ survived
tiger lily/ survived but did not bloom
torch lily/ survived
tradescantia/ perished
trumpet vine/ crushed in wall collapse
tuberose/ perished
tulips/all varieties perished
umbrella tree/ perished
viburnum/ crushed in wall collapse
vinca/ perished
virginia creeper/ survived
walnut trees/ some varieties survived
water lily/ survived
wegelia/ perished
willow tree/ all varieties survived
wintersweet tree/ perished
wisteria purple/ survived
wisteria white/ survived
xiphium/ survived
yew/ perished