No Caption Needed

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If ever a picture said a thousand words…

This photo is from today's edition of the Greater Kashmir online newspaper. I used contribute occasionally to Greater Kashmir a few years back but discontinued partly because I did not agree with some of their editorial policies.

There is no denying however that Greater Kashmir has matured enormously from its earlier days and I admire its vigorous championing of environmental and heritage issues. It is the leading English-language daily of the valley and also the main source of homeland news for the Kashmiri diaspora.

Besides, Greater Kashmir features the enormously talented Malik Sajjad . Malik Sajjad has a uncanny ability to sketch whatever is uppermost on the minds of his people, much like his senior Bashir Ahmed Bashir of the Urdu-language daily Srinagar Times.

It has been years since I read that paper, but I recall how one could instantly grasp the meaning behind the Srinagar Times cartoons even without reading the caption. A wag once commented that the artist should have been dubbed Bashir Ahmed 'Kashir'. Malik Sajjad is a worthy inheritor of that mantle.

With apologies to Ghalib:
Dekhna tasveer ki lazzat ke jo usne likha
Main ne yeh jaana ke goya yeh bhi mere dil mein hai

Malik Sajjad has his own website at and it is well worth a visit.