Recycling This Old House

These days I am busy building a new home for my family. Our new home is being recycled from the old house which had to be dismantled due to age-related weathering, compounded by structural damage caused by the devastating earthquake that struck Kashmir in 2005.

100% of the wood and bricks and most of the stone used in the new house will be sourced from the dismantled structure. This will significantly reduce the impact our new home would otherwise have had on the environment.

No trees will be cut down, no fossil fuels burnt in kilns, and no rocks or earth will be excavated on our account. I will sleep a little better as a consequence.

I have designed the new house myself with a few inputs from an architect friend who is an expert on heritage buildings of Kashmir. Here are a couple of pictures of my 'self-inflicted' design at the current stage of development:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Update: Click here for a quick tour of 'Al Anqa'