Of Bullets, Books and Bradbury


'Fahrenheit 451' is a 1953 dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury describing a future society that 'does not read books, enjoy nature, spend time alone, think independently or have meaningful conversations'.

Does that sound familiar?

In an earlier post I observed, nay lamented, our ebbing love of books and the fact that very few people seemed to be interested in a rare book fair in Srinagar.

That disappointment was nothing compared to today's shocker:


I kid you not. I bought one kilogram of classics for Khurram who seems to have inherited my addiction to the printed word.


Some years ago India Today frontpaged an article about the semi-legendary weapons market of Darra Adam Khel in NWFP Pakistan where bullets were sold by weight in pickle jars.

Bullets back then and books by the kilogram today – I wonder what Ray Bradbury would make of it?

P.S: The book stall is part of an ongoing trade fair at the Sangarmaal complex. Just be sure to invite a friend who's into weightlifting.