Remembering Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes was a popular comic strip by Bill Watterson relating the escapades of Calvin, a compulsive daydreamer, and Hobbes – his semi-sentient stuffed tiger. For anyone else Hobbes is just an inanimate toy but from Calvin's perspective he is very much alive and pouncing !

In the strip which was syndicated daily from 1985 to 1995, Bill Watterson ridiculed the increasingly materialistic nature of society from the six-year-old Calvin's point of view. At the height of it's popularity the strip featured in more than 2000 newspapers worldwide before the notoriously reclusive Watterson hung up his crayons for good in 1995. 30 million copies of 18 Calvin and Hobbes book compilations have also been published.

Calvin's cynicism and the smart-alecky Hobbes' penchant for getting him into trouble
(despite being infinitely more worldly-wise) provided just as much enjoyment as my childhood favourites – the 'Just William' books by Richmal Crompton.

Some samples of wisdom from the strip:


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