Reimagining Kashmir with Van Gogh

Over the centuries Kashmir’s ethereal beauty has inspired many writers, artists and photographers. My favourite set of paintings of Kashmir are the series by Edward Molyneaux while Brian Brake is my favourite photographer.

But what if my favourite artist Vincent Van Gogh would have painted a Kashmir series?

Arguably the most famous artist in the world, Van Gogh’s style has been described as ‘densely-laden, visible brushstrokes rendered in a bright, opulent palette.

Thanks to a the wonders of technology we can get a taste of what could have been. Kashmir Reimagined is a new series where my photographs of Kashmir are digitally manipulated to resemble works by famous artists – Van Gogh being the first to endure the ignominy 😉

Before we get too excited it is just digital art created on a computer but the results are pretty unique.

I am stoked to share these images in the form of a calendar so you can enjoy one image every month in 2019.

Happy New Year!

You can download the calendar here:

Enjoy !

Disclaimer: You are encouraged to share this calendar but please note that all rights to these images are retained by Dr Bakshi Jehangir. Commercial usage of these images is strictly forbidden.